A partner for business and people who mean business

Whilst we are a law firm, it wouldn’t be immediately obvious. We approach our clients’ “problems” in a radically different way. In most cases matters can be resolved not by resorting to court action but by careful and innovative negotiation. Our clients want solutions, but not at any cost. Swift and cost-effective problem solving is what we do best to allow our clients the time and resources to do what they do best; run their business.

That is not to say that we shy away from a fight when we need to. We have all manner of resources at our disposal to help our clients achieve the objective they are looking for. We have an enviable list of experts who partner with us to achieve our clients’ aims. No stone is left unturned and no idea is too leftfield.

We help our clients grow when the times are good, and we support them when not so good. Either way, our clients can count on no-nonsense, direct and transparent advice at a cost tailored to suit most budgets but always with the client’s aim in mind. What we do starts and ends with the client; this is non-negotiable; our intention is to forge long-term partnerships with our clients. We are focused in supporting our clients through thick and thin. However, not everyone is suited to our approach and there are times when we politely decline to act. No offence intended; it’s not the client, it’s us.

We love the way we work. More importantly, so do our clients. We do not have a client profile other than the client must be willing to do things differently. Our team acts from small family business to global merchandising companies. From amateur footballers to world champion boxers. From small start-up charities to Harley Street Clinics. Our clients are pragmatic and know that achieving their aim is all about strategy and managing risk.  More importantly, we have no fear. Our team has squared up against the biggest, and the strongest. We punch well above our weight and we have the flexibility and tenacity to act quickly and tactically.

Based in the heart of Westminster, only a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, we offer comfortable and convenient meeting facilities.

Our core values dictate how we operate…

… but being different is what it’s all about.