Investigations and proceedings

It is rare that a week goes by without new regulations being introduced that purport to protect consumers and members of the public at large. With more regulation comes more red tape and increased risk of regulatory breach and prosecution.

Regulatory action can range from prosecutions for health and safety breaches to investigations by the Companies Investigations Branch of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. Action can be costly and distract a business or individual whilst investigations or proceedings are underway. Ultimately, it can lead to businesses being closed down or individuals fined or imprisoned.

We know that regulatory bodies sometimes just get it wrong and need to be persuaded to close down an investigation. This requires a pro-active and robust approach but pays dividends for you. We can accompany you through the investigatory stages and, should it proceed further we can help you defend proceedings.

We can assist in respect of the following investigations or proceedings by responding to complaints and enquires from your regulator, attend interviews and challenge regulatory notices.  Examples of types of regulatory investigations we can assist with are:

  • Tax or VAT investigations
  • Trading Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Company investigations
  • Regulatory compliance


We can also help you limit your risk by drafting policies and implementing procedures that reduce the chances of you being investigated at all. We can arrange regulatory audits and stress test your procedures to ensure that you are keeping your business safe and legal.